Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Birthday to You...

Unfortunately, I didn't sing anything for Brady this year, but I don't think he minded :) I had been planning our date for a few weeks now, but found out I was awful at keeping secrets this year. Brady still had an excellent birthday though, thanks to all our friends and family!

My parents took us out to eat at Tucanos on Thursday, and the food was wonderful! I mean, all you can eat meat?? How can you go wrong?? My dad and I had an evil plot to let the waiter know it was Brady's birthday while he was at the buffet. But...we ended up telling them right when Brady sat down :)

Saturday night, I took Brady out on his birthday date! We ate at Nicolitalia's Pizzeria in P-town, and loved it! Brady loves anything pizza. Afterwards, we went to BYU campus for bowling at the Wilk. I had talked with Brady's friends to come and surprise him at 7:30. We got there at like 7:20, and I didn't want to be too early, so I dragged Brady around the student center looking at advertisements and trying to keep a poker face. Which failed, horribly! I kept laughing, and Brady kept saying I was acting super awkward. Needless to say...he knew something was up :) Bowling was fun though! We both want to bowl more so we're not so terrible at it haha. We'll see how often that happens. 

Brady's parents took us all out to eat at Outback. We love ourselves some Aussie Cheese Fries :) His grandpa has a birthday the same week, so he came with us too this year. Some of Brady's spoils this year included a harmonica, slippers, gift card to Fleet Feet, a t-shirt, and a hard drive! So grateful for this amazing man! No one else makes me smile as much. My life wouldn't be the same without him.


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