Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas

Ho ho ho...

The only thing our Christmas could have used, was some mistletoe ;) Brady and I had a fun time with our first married Christmas!We decorated our tree, made snowflakes, and slept out by the tree Christmas Eve night. It is so much fun giving gifts to loved ones and seeing their excitement! Brady loved his new earbuds and office toy! He also surprised me big time by getting me a step stool haha and I love it! I'm too short to reach my closet shelves...or pretty much any shelves in our that was genius.

We spent a lot of time with our family. The Maynes got us adult-sized footie pajamas for Christmas Eve, and they are awesome!! Brady's is Batman with a cape, and mine has owls on it. I will be posting pictures soon :) My brother and I played in the snow, and instead of making our traditional snowman, we made a little snow cave. The Nielsens were excited to talk with Elder Nielsen this week too! It was sweet to hear his stories and his Russian! Kate made us a fabulous Christmas card!! Seriously, check out grey square designs!

So grateful for our family to really make Christmas worthwhile! My parents took us to the Christmas Carol at the Hale Center Theater, a tradition that we have each year. Every time I see that play, I always feel inspired to change my life and work harder to become a Christlike person. Two traditions Brady and I have started is watching the Christmas video from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It truly testifies of our Savior, Jesus Christ. After watching it, we think about what we would want to give to our Savior this next year, and write it down and keep it in an envelope to open next year. That's what Christmas is really about - remembering and becoming like Jesus Christ. And I hope we can learn to share the love we feel strongly at Christmas with each other always.


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