Thursday, July 25, 2013

He's In!!!!

Brady got accepted to the finance program at Brigham Young University!! He has worked so hard, and it's paid off! I am so proud of and grateful for my super smart husband :) Before we knew he'd been accepted, we had talked about what our backup plan would be if we wasn't...and we weren't really sure. But while we waited and prayed, we just kept feeling peace, like everything would be okay either way. Heavenly Father seriously does answer prayers. It's so great to know that someone is watching out for us :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Scottish Festival

This year I went with my good friend Amanda to the Scottish Festival down in Payson. I had no idea something like this even existed in Utah! With all the ginger beer, kilts, costumes, and celtic music, it definitely was a unique cultural experience. And let me tell was a blast :)

These were some replicas of weapons Scottish clans actually used. Scary!!

This game is called the sheep toss. Don't worry, no sheep were harmed in the process haha. Instead, these guys would stab a huge bale of hay with a pitchfork and toss it backwards over what looks like a field goal post. Totally reminded me of the movie Brave.

Celtic music is soooo fun! I was totally jealous of this violinist - reminded me of playing in high school orchestra. I miss it a lot.