Sunday, May 12, 2013

Moab Red Rock Relay

Brady was invited to run the Moab Red Rock Relay for the first time this year with his dad and some friends from the home ward. The race is 70 miles long (seriously) and ran by a team of six people. Each person runs two legs of the race. Brady was a little nervous since he hasn't ran a lot this year, but he ended up being assigned a total of 8-9 miles and did AWESOME! It was super hot all day, easily in the 90s, but got super cold once we were in the mountains. We even had hail! Crazy but seriously fun experience :)

We had two total teams in the race. The first picture is of both teams together, and the one on the bottom left is our team. 

We had lots of fun decorating Craig's car! Didn't really come off too easily though...

The course was so gorgeous!